A space and a practice for collaboration

People need people
Energy needs energy
Energy makes energy

CURATION in space
(the physical gallery space as a pop up space and its virtual space component)

CURATION in practice
(what it's all about)

The relationship with oneself = home = the universe and its cosmic-ness = perfect geometry 

CURATION is an energy centre
The sun

It exists to enable and focus the relationship with the self

By creating this space, curation enables a curation of group focused projects and experiences that bring together artists who are requested to further their relationship with themselves; by nature they search deeply into the very essence of what makes them who they are. It is this relationship with themselves that enables them to create.

CURATION brings all their individual energy, creativity, focus and talent together giving them a directed project where they work together to establish a new entity, group direction and narrative. 

The space is a place in the universe that links all together

A home


A defined point where all is finite and clear, enabling us to delve deeper into human behaviour and our place with the universe at large.

A place where we can reflect for infinite time in space; directed and allowed by oneself.  

A place whose sole purpose is to make the relationship with oneself the central focus. It is this focus that allows the artist within to create.

In this current time where fast pace, social media and lack of human interaction is strong, we open a path to reflect, redirect and reconnect with humankind on a sensory human level.

All curations address and question our human interaction and placement in the universe; our relationship with the natural world as opposed to our relationship with the machine world

Human togetherness



CURATION is a gallery that sells art, furniture and offers interior architecture services.  

The art and furniture are available through this eCommerce site (virtual space), and a pop up bricks and mortar space (physical space). The first pop up space takes place in Greenwich Connectict, USA, September and October 2016.  

Artists are selected and asked to join in a collaborative show that is exhibited both online and in the pop up space.

THE PHYSICAL SPACE is as a recurring pop up space that is established for 1 show each year for a period of 6-8 weeks. The first pop up space opened in September 2016.

The aim of the physical space at CURATION is to mimic residential space and bring people together in a comfortable space and setting.

It is a hybrid space, crossing fine art with design as we do in our homes.

The furniture at CURATION is for use and for sale. It will be laid out so that visitors to the gallery can sit and view and discuss;  a place to develop a community within an accessible and relaxed atmosphere. This is a unique aspect of the gallery as it differs from the white cube model of the traditional gallery.

THE VIRTUAL SPACE was established in September 2016.

The artists profiles, art statements and all their works for the show are available on this website for sale and shipping.

All furniture pieces are also available for sale and shipping.

Following the pop up space closing its doors for each annual season, the artists regroup to collaborate on a new narrative.  This narrative will be shown the following year in another pop up location.