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A collaboration of artworks by Australian Artist curated by Hayley Skurowski.

The group of Australian artists selected to collaborate for this narrative were given 40 photos of street art and mark makings (shown below), that were taken in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 2009. 

Very few if any of these images still exist today as the area has been 'cleaned up, gentrified, reengineered, re-envisioned.'

Williamsburg, Brooklyn historically housed many factories and warehouses being largely an industrial area.

The narrative is two fold :

1.  The interest in what happens to these pieces when they are left outside for others to see and add to if they so desire, a layering effect of additional marks and the weather's impact upon them. Those that leave these mark makings and street art release them into the community free for others to layer onto. Freedom and exposure.

2.  The reason why people need to make these marks at all. Is it because living within an urban landscape forces a deep human need to add a type of 'nature' of their own to their urbanely dense surrounds that are devoid of natural nature colourings? Is there a need for ones inner colour to colour their physically colourless nature world? In the absence of colour, what do we do? Is colour simply a form of energy? And how does each colour translate into our external physical environment?

The most primitive form of art comes in the form of mark making on walls with the human hand.

Images came before text.

These photographs are the basis for inspiring a new life, a new body of work. The photographs are maternal breaths of life for the artists to create new work, new breath.

Here the work of the artists bind as one to create a new collaborative effort to birth new art.
Each piece of art has been draped over the human form to be photographed with focus on the art. Given new life by the human form.

Hand made paper hand dyed, knitted and woven and stitched to create draperies for the body. A new shell, almost animal skins. Oil and acrylic on linen, embroidery and thread and beading and sequins and ribbon and glass...

Referencing the colour and energy that the sun has infiltrated into the mark makings and street art pieces that live outside under the sun's breath, day in and day out.

The art was then photographed outside within the natural landscape. Far from the  urban landscape.

To breathe new life, create a new life.

Following the photographs of the works on the human form, the pieces then manifested into their final sculptural form.